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Anger Is A "Survival-Level" Defense Mechanism

Anger is part of a seemingly miraculous and exceedingly complex system that has allowed humans to survive for thousands of years. Since anger is a survival level defense mechanism, it creates powerful and extensive physical changes in our bodies, each time we experience anger. This is true even if we are not consciously aware that we are angry. The anger response is a survival level response which triggers our bodies to prepare for escape, or battle. This means that specific chemicals and hormones are released into our blood, the blood flow changes throughout the body and a specialized portion of our nervous system is engaged to ensure that the major muscle groups have more oxygen and are ready for serious physical exertion. During the time that the body is experiencing the anger response, it is not able to relax, or heal, or rejuvenate. This is just the biological truth of the way the human body operates.

The partner to the anger response is the “Relaxation Response”. This is the pattern of “shutting-down” that happens once the physical threat has passed. During the relaxation response, the body shifts the blood flow and engages an entirely different set of neurological and hormonal processes which are designed to help the body recuperate and restore its normal functioning. This may involve sleep or it may simply involve relaxation but it includes a period of calm and rest from the intense physical activity that was needed to escape or fight for survival.

It is important to remember that the only healthy reason for anger is to protect a person from serious physical harm or death. Any time you experience anger and your physical survival is not being threatened, you are needlessly putting your body into a position in which it cannot fight infection, recuperate from stress, disease or physical injury, or eliminate toxins that have been introduced into your system.

Sadly the nature of our thought process and the culture we have created puts most of us in the position where we are frequently angry, either consciously or sub-consciously. The result is that we have come to accept frequent anger and frustration as part of our daily lives. This is literally killing us!

Perhaps the single biggest thing you can do to improve your health, and stop interfering with your body’s ability to heal itself and fight disease, is to monitor your feelings of anger and frustration and find a way to change them to feelings of gratitude and acceptance. Some of us are so stuck in the pattern of anger and frustration that we will not be able to simply stop. If your physical-emotional response pattern is too strong to respond to your logic, try using a technique like The Emotional Freedom Technique, (EFT). This is a simple and effective way to give yourself an acupressure treatment for your emotions. The manual is available free on the internet at It is simple, powerful and effective!

Let go of your anger and frustration and give your body permission to heal itself and restore your health!

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