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An Introduction To A Course In Miracles – With Advanced Understanding!

This week the  Mindshifters group watched the first half of the lecture by Dr. Michael Ryce titled An Introduction to A Course In Miracles with Advanced Understanding.  Some of the statements made during the lecture which caught my attention were: 

“The world of separateness is an optical delusion.”, and

“To experience the world we must begin to suspect that what we “know” is limited or false.”, and

“Our distorted perceptions produce a dense cover over actuality.”, and 

“By perception we have lost sight of the real world.”, and 

“You don’t have to seek for Love, but merely seek to find within yourself all the barriers you have built against it.”

The power of these statements shook me in ways I did not feel in the several previous times I have watched this lecture.  The idea that we try to relate to the world as though nothing exists unless we can perceive it, is ludicrous.  I say this because scientists tell us that we can only hear a small range of the auditory spectrum and we can only see a very limited range of the spectrum of energy we call light.   Yet those same scientists will argue that nothing is real unless they can measure it with their tools and technology.  This just does not make sense!

As I watched the lecture I kept thinking about how so much actually happens around me, and how I am only able to be consciously aware of a tiny fraction of what actually exists.  I am only able to be aware of a tiny fraction of all that exists around me because I am limited by what my senses can perceive, and I am limited because I choose to screen out many things that my senses are able to perceive!  I am limited by everything I believe because when I believe something, I am certain I know the answer.  Whenever I am certain I know that answer to something, I am not questioning it.  If I am not questioning something, I am not open to new information.  If I am not open to new information, I am screening it out.  If I am screening out new information I am not learning.  If I am not learning, I am not growing and I will simply get more of what I already have.

The tools we use in the Mindshifters group are designed to help us become aware of the unconscious beliefs we hold, which limit and distort our perception and keep us locked into repeating the same unproductive patterns which we and our ancestors have repeated for centuries.  These tools are made available for free at www.whyagain.com  Dr. Ryce has also launched a new website for people who use his tools and  do this work, to be able to connect with others who are working this process – www.iforgive.net

We come from Love, we are made of Love, we are Love.  Everything else is false.

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