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An Experiment with Mindshifters Group Recording

Last night I began experimenting with recording myself during the Mindshifters Support Group. This was the result of several people telling me for years, that during one support group or another, “You should be recording these!”. I have resisted for years, because the purpose of the groups has been to support people in learning and using these powerful tools which improve the quality of their lives. I did not want the distraction, or the inhibitor that may occur when people know they are being recorded.

Then on Tuesday evening, the flow of ideas, insights, and inspirations was such that I left the group just shaking my head and saying, “WOW!”, over and over again as I drove home. This led to discussions about the pros and cons of recording each group, so that when an especially “flowing” group happens, we have access to it, just as we have access to the archive of each Internet Mindshifters Radio Show for the past seven plus years.

So, here is a link to the slightly edited recording of the group last night when we listened to the Q & A from Way of Mastery on the question of, “How can all events be neutral? We listened to the 12 minute audio, and then we went back and I interrupted the audio and made comments. The entire recording is about 60 minutes long.

Click Here to Listen

Since this is an experiment, I would appreciate feedback on whether you are interested in this format – and whether you would actually listen and make use of these recordings if they were to continue.

Thanks in advance!

We Come From Love. We Are Made Of Love. We Are Love! Everything else is false.

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