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An Excerpt From Mindshifters Radio which is Highly Recommended

Dear Friends,

As I do the Mindshifters Internet Radio/Podcast day after day, week after week, there is a lot of repetition, and some “slow” time when, though the information is solid and often valuable to the current caller, it is not “highlight” material. Then there are times when the caller strikes a chord with a question, and whoever is hosting is open to the flow of insight, and the result is powerful and concise.

I feel that the second half of yesterday’s show contains just such an interaction on the topic of fear. I offer this excerpt lasting 28 minutes as a highlight that is worth multiple repetitions for me, and perhaps for you.

Click Here to Listen to an excerpt from yesterday’s show on 3-15-2019

As always, comments are welcome, and we extend the invitation for you to share this information with whoever you think may benefit, or be interested.

We Come From Love. We Are Made Of Love. We Are Love. Everything else is false.

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