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A Course In Miracles – A New Beginning

Last Tuesday night the Mindshifters group watched the Dr. Michael Ryce lecture, A New Beginning. It was very well received and sparked a lot of conversation and introspection as all these lectures do. Today I received an email from one of our regular Mindshifters attendees and I was so moved by it that I asked her permission to share it on this blog. She graciously agreed. She begins with the core idea of the lecture which resonated with her the most deeply.

If I really want a day of Love, Gentleness & Respect I must give that day away!! I must give that day away with My Actions, My Words (keep words positive) and with My Thoughts (mind energy).

This has been going through my head over and over again since last week. Since I heard it from Michael Ryce on Tuesday, Feb. 15th.

Would not everyone want their day to be a day of gentleness, of love and one of respect? What would that day look like? The people I would encounter would treat me with kindness & helpfulness. People would treat me, my feelings & ideas with respect, which doesn’t mean they would always agree with me, just respect my differences without judgment. I would feel the love and respect of the Universe in a quiet & gentle way. In the way of oneness.

Now, how would I give that day away? How would I treat the people I meet? How would I be loving, gentle & respectful to everyone, everything, every creature, every situation and occurrence of my day? The same way I would want to be treated of course is the easy answer. I keep rolling this around in my head and in my heart & soul. It feels right…it feels good…it feels loving & gentle & respectful of myself & of the universe. Ahhh, the ego tries to tell me that this will be too hard to do for one whole day let alone every day and with everyone in every situation. After all, others won’t treat me that way so why should I treat them gently & lovingly, treat them with respect when they will not respect me back and after all I am RIGHT!! But…my heart & soul still like this idea. The softness of it. The way it makes me feel, all warm and safe inside. Yes, it makes me feel safe, like being home after a long, hard day. Like being in the arms of Spirit…Mother Earth. Here is the other thing I realize. If I treat others with love, gentleness & respect that means I must also treat myself with love, gentleness & respect, and I deserve it, I need it & I want it. Everyone of us deserves it, needs it and wants it. No matter who or what they believe about themselves or others.

I heard this in a lecture on the same evening I had some huge challenges come up. Isn’t that the way it often seems to work? When we need something the most, If we are listening, paying attention we will hear what we need to hear to grow, to learn, to change & hopefully become more then what we were before. When all of life seemed to be falling around me (once again) I just kept repeating it to myself and while it wasn’t always easy and I didn’t remember it every time or seem able to use it or implement it every time, to keep the love & gentleness, much less the respect present I did my best and it felt easier & I felt calmer and I think I made better decisions and behaved more lovingly, less judgmentally. Even after the waters have calmed, I still keep repeating this to myself because it just feels so right, it feels so good and I feel myself soften. I feel myself become more accepting, less judgmental of others and myself. I feel myself open a little and the universe open a little more for me. I just wanted to share this with you because it feels so important to me and I believe we all could be a little more loving, gentle & respectful of each other, the world and ourselves.


Kris Blum

We come from Love, we are made of Love, we are Love. Everything else is false.

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