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How Negative Thinking is Killing Us.

Great material from Dr. Michael Ryce’s work on Forgiveness Every time we have a negative thought, it puts negative energy into our energy field and disrputs our physical body. These disruptions need to be resolved or they actually do damage to our physical body and then that part of the physical body dies.

This dead tissue then attracts bacteria to eat the dead tissue, the way microbes and carion eat the dead bodies in nature.Every negative emotion comes from negative thoughts. Negative thoughts come from faulty beliefs.

Faulty beliefs are the result of our flawed interpretation of actual events which construct faulty realities in our minds. These faulty realities need to be de-constructed in order for us to be able to be in a state of love and acceptance.

Each moment of love Each moment of giving Each moment of joy Is a moment of living

Each moment of anger Each moment of lying Each moment of vengeance Is a moment of dying

All our moments add together Like the digits in a sum And the answer tells us plainly Whether our life or our death shall come!

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