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Dr. Susan Coe
Dr. Timothy Hayes

Each Have Over 40 Years Experience

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Dr. Coe is a Ph.D and licensed clinical social worker.

Dr. Hayes is a licensed clinical psychologist

Dr. Coe and Dr. Hayes have a practice dedicated to providing psychotherapy for adults, couples, adolescents, and children.  They offer a variety of treatment approaches that are effective in dealing with a wide range of difficulties.  This allows them to help people with issues ranging from major depression and anxiety to parenting skills and childhood developmental issues.  They each have over forty years of experience doing therapy while continuing to expand their knowledge through ongoing education and training.

They blend the best of traditional psychotherapy with the power of the fast and effective  Energy Psychology techniques which are becoming ever more popular.  In addition, they apply their ever-expanding knowledge of how to use the Mind/Body connection to their clients’ greatest advantage.  They are both trained in a variety of techniques designed to help people remove the unconscious fears and beliefs which keep them stuck and block them from achieving their goals.

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800 S. McHenry Ave.
Suite B
Crystal Lake, IL 60014

(815) 455-0590

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