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Mindshifters Support Group 8-13-2013

Tonight in the support group we listened to a talk from Guy Finley and then had some discussion about the topic of the talk which was “Taking the high ground” and learning to “Be there – just-a-watchin-it”. The idea is that when we experience a negative state, most of us try to fix it and change it, often by blaming someone or something else for our negative state. This talk highlights the fact that since we are creating our own negative state with the very mind with which we are trying to fix it, we are only creating more problems. We are creating what David Bohm called sustained incoherence, with what he calls our Replicate Mind. When I am in a prison created by my own thoughts and I try to think my way out of it, it is not likely to go well.

So Guy Finley suggests in his talk that what is needed is for us to learn to “Be there – just-a-watchin-it”, and allow something greater than our logical mind to act on us, and change us so that we stop creating the negative state. He suggests that if we do this, we will leave that situation changed in a way that cannot happen if we strain and struggle to change ourselves or our situation with our logical mind.

After the discussion we had a very courageous group member offer to do a Reality Management Worksheet on an issue which has bothered her for months. The group supported this member as she described her racing heart and physical shaking which were the product of the “negative state” she was creating. I want to thank this group member for her courage and persistence and I want to thank all the individual group members who supported her lovingly and patiently while she worked through this intensely emotional issue.

This particular worksheet was a wonderful example of the talk given by Guy Finley, and the process of the Reality Management Worksheet , in that this group member had done several worksheets about this very issue in the past, and she “knew” what it related to.  She felt very certain that this negative state she was feeling was being “caused”, or “triggered” by a present day situation, which was similar to a pattern of interaction from her family of origin. Yet the negative state continued and she was stuck in her negative state, despite feeling that she understood its origins.

In this work we understand that when we clearly see all there is to see about how we are creating our negative states, they simply fall away. So clearly this group member had not seen the true origins of her negative state, because the negative state persisted.

With her dedication, persistence and courage, aided by the Love and support of the group, this member did a worksheet and canceled her need to be right, and canceled her beliefs about what was causing this negative state and asked to be shown the true origins of her discomfort. Within minutes she was aware of a completely different event from her childhood which did not have to do with her family of origin, and for which she was still holding very strong negative thoughts and emotions. She gave the group the gift of watching a powerful demonstration of the need to give up trying to figure things out, and the tremendous advantages that come from learning to “Be there – just-a-watchin-it” and letting  a power greater than our logical mind act for us in that moment.

I am awed at the power of this work and at the quality and dedication of the people who attend this group with a passion to improve their lives.

Thank you one and all!

To get free access to the Reality Management Worksheet please visit

We Come From Love, We Are Made Of Love, We Are Love! Everything Else Is False.

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