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Healing and Healers

Earlier this week I saw part of the ABC Television Special about Adam, a nineteen year old boy in Canada. His website refers to him as …”a gifted distant energy healer and best-selling author of three books about his work”.

I was moved to write about this because Adam claims to heal people and to access energy that he directs, which does the healing to the person. All of the good “healers” I have known and read about over the years are clear that they don’t heal anyone. They are clear that the human body and the power that made the human body are what heals the human body. At best the great “healers” facilitate a process which the body carries out naturally. Most often this process is facilitated by removing toxins, or other blocks to the healing process and adding nutrition which the body needs to heal itself.

There are many good examples of people who work with healing energy, who are very clear about the fact that they are not “doing the healing to anyone”. Several examples of this are the Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique, the Neuro-Emotional Technique, and the Emotional Freedom Technique. ( )

I encourage everyone to move away from the traditional medical model precisely because it assumes that the body is diseased and needs a physician to intervene and give a medication or perform a surgical procedure to fix the problem. This is no different from needing to go to a “healer” who will perform the act of healing on the person.

The difficulty with this approach is that patient is a passive participant in the process. The patient simply lives their life without regard for their health, and then when problems arise, they go to the doctor, or the healer to get fixed. I strongly encourage people to get actively involved in their life and their health since this is the only approach I have ever seen which provides lasting results.

Take charge of your life and actively work to give your body what it needs to perform the miracle of healing and health!

You can learn more about Adam at

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