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Empowered To Heal Part 2

Last night we watched the second half of the lecture titled “Empowered To Heal”.  The focus of the  first half of the lecture was the way our thoughts send energy waves out into the world and how those thoughts change the way our world appears to us, and effects others in our world.  The first law for living a long and happy life was reviewed, “Hold the condition of Love in your mind for God, Neighbor, and Self.”  So once again we are directed to focus on our internal feelings and to maintain awareness that we are creating our internal feelings.  Whenever our internal feeling is anything less than Love, it is within our ability to choose to reconnect with Love and bring about healing for ourselves and others we have contact with, either physically or in our thoughts.

The original Aramaic definition of Neighbor was reviewed, as being anyone we think about.  We were reminded that in the sixth century the definition was changed to mean anyone who was physically close to us, but that in the original Aramaic there was no way to distinguish between someone we were physically close to and someone we think about.  This is a reflection of how clearly the creators of the ancient Aramaic language understood the power of our mind energy and the connectedness of all creation.

As I watched the video I was struck by a deeper level of realization that the world can be seen as a loving energy system which is designed to help me identify any negative energy I have stored in my mind and body.  I can only heal those energies if I know they are there, and since I naturally try to hide them, escape from them, or deny them, I am often not aware of their existence.  So, once I learn that, “If I am in pain, I am in error.”, I can view as a gift any events which trigger pain, sadness, anger, shame, guilt, or any other negative emotion in me.  I can view these events as a gift because without the event I would remain unaware of the negative energy I had stored in me, and therefore be unable to dismantle it and heal it.  The longer negative thought/emotional energy is stored in my mind and body, the more it works to disintegrate my energy system and the more likely it is to be expressed as a physical pain or disease.

There was just something about watching the lecture this time which helped me realize at a new level, everything that happens is a gift for me, if I choose to use it to help me identify, and dismantle the negative energies in me which have been triggered.  It reminded me of another lecture in which Dr. Ryce describes the way Laws function, and how if someone jumps off a 500 ft cliff, there is no god of gravity who says, “Well, this person ignored the law of gravity, so I will punish them by breaking their bones when they reach the ground.”, or “Well, this person ignored the law of gravity, but they have been good most of their life, so I won’t punish them by breaking any bones when they reach the ground.”  The point is that the law of gravity works the way it works and those of us who recognize it and work within its functioning have a much easier time of it than those of us who try to ignore the way it works.

In just that way, if I look at everything that happens which triggers negative emotions in me as something that is helpful because it lets me know where I still have work to do to dismantle negative emotions in my life, it can be a tool which will help me love and enjoy life more, and perhaps even avoid disease and live longer.  If I look at everything that happens which triggers negative emotions in my life as someone else’s fault, or the natural result of living in a dangerous and hateful world, it will increase my stress, my fear, anxiety and anger and make my life much more difficult.

We were reminded inn this lecture that even the medical community these days believes that 80%-90% of all disease process is stress related.  This means that if I can remove the negative energy which causes the negative emotions in my life, and if I can increase the amount of time I spend with the energy of Love in my mind and body, I will decrease the stress and disease in my life.

The lecture also reviewed the Beatitudes from the ancient Aramaic translation which tells us that each Beatitude begins with words which can be translated as; “A latent neuro structure, implanted in your brain by God, to lead you to truth and health, will become your conscious possession, you who…”  This means that the Beatitudes are a set of instructions for how to activate and become aware of the hidden tools for perceiving the world accurately and staying in the energy of Love, or living with the mind of God, or the mind of Love.

There is more available on this topic at Dr. Michael Ryce’s website, including a summary of some of the translation work that has already been completed of the ancient Aramaic texts of the oldest known copy of the New Testament.

The support group portion of the meeting found several members reporting on the successes and struggles they have met throughout the week.  Two members experienced some intense synchronicity as they went through the week with the theme of Love and fear being presented repeatedly.  

Then the group helped a member work through a Reality Management Worksheet to heal some anger and aggravation the member had been experiencing during the week.  As usual this process was healing for the entire group.  The focus on this worksheet was the process of thinking and feeling a loving thought about the person who was the trigger for the negative emotions, and also thinking and feeling a loving thought about the person doing the worksheet. This is Step 5 in the 12 step Reality Management Worksheet (available free at  

Many of  us race through this step in the process or get stymied by it because we are not able to FEEL loving feelings about the person or thing who/which triggered the negative emotions in us.  The group spent extra time and energy focused on tapping into the loving energy in each of us and working to hold that space of Love while thinking about the trigger for the negative emotions.  This produced a much greater result for the person writing out the worksheet last night.

We come from Love, we are made of Love, we are Love.  Everything else is false.

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