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Depth Oriented Brief Therapy (DOBT)

Depth Oriented Brief Therapy (DOBT) is one of many revolutionary models for working with people in therapy. The basis of DOBT is the assumption that once you know all of the factors operating in a person’s life, it will make perfect sense of whatever it is they are doing.

I summarize this by telling my clients that they are not, Sick, Crazy, Stupid, Lazy, or Masochistic! As such, everything they do is meant to make their lives better in one way or another, even if they themselves cannot seem to understand why or how.

DOBT was created by Bruce Ecker and Laurel Hulley and introduced in the book: Depth Oriented Brief Therapy; How to work brief when you were trained to work deep and vice versa.

The theory and practice outlined in the book and the trainings emphasize that many different techniques from a variety of other therapies can and should be used within the DOBT model. The purpose of the therapy is to help the individual understand the various factors that are motivating them to act, react, and feel the way they do. Since learning the DOBT model and taking the training, my ability to help people has exploded.

One of the most powerful systems I have learned, and integrated with DOBT is the Neuro Emotional Technique (NET).

The Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) was created by a chiropractor, Dr. Scott Walker, and uses the mind/body connection to help determine and correct a variety of problems that may prevent a person from healing. The NET approach is based on the five element theory used in accupuncture and accupressure. It also combines knowledge of homeopathic remedies and chiropractic science to provide a holistic approach to healing within the person, using the body’s own immune system to create health.

NET allows the clinician to use the muscle response of the client as a form of biofeedback to locate where the body’s energy has been disrupted, or disconnected. Then, with simple, non-intrusive techniques, reconnect the body’s energy and help the person understand the logical connection to the current events in the person’s life.

The NET system also includes ways to evaluate the person’s toxicity, and nutritional levels as they may relate to the body’s energy meridians and energy flow.

This is a very powerful and efficient system for helping a person heal, both physically and emotionally. The NET training is available to licensed health professionals and is very well documented and organized, with international research that is building to demonstrate its effectiveness.

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is one of several newer “tapping” therapies that apply some knowledge of the five element theory and the body’s energy meridians used in accupuncture and accupressure. The main premise with most of these therapies is that the body’s immune and energy systems are connected with the person’s emotional energy and belief systems. As such, whenever there is a disruption or disconnect in any of these systems, is has a powerful effect on the other systems. The most common result of disruption in any one of these systems is decreased ability to heal, either physically or emotionally.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a powerful tool for therapists to use with their clients to help dispell intense, negative emotions during a session. This may allow a client to look at important factors they have been afraid to remember or address, which affect issues they are trying to resolve. In the hands of an experienced therapist EFT can be used in a variety of ways to help identify and resolve problems for the client which can be both emotionally and physically based.

EFT does not require a person to diagnose which energy meridian may be blocked and therefore provides a valuable tool for clients to use between therapy sessions or visits to the chiropractor.

It also functions as a wonderful brief form of meditation or “an emotional strengthening exercise” which can take as little as two minutes to complete when used regularly for this purpose.

There are a varitey of newer techniques and systems in therapy and holistic healing which use the same basic mechanisms for helping a person change, heal and grow. Some of them focus more on the energy. Some of them focus more on the emotional content. Still others focus more on the thoughts and words we use to express our experience. This is an exciting time to be alive and learning!

Thanks for reading!

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